Summer of ’74, the Play – Now On Kindle

The Unofficial, Unauthorized Story of How Star Wars Really Began – in Barstow, California, 1974. On Kindle for a low, low price!

A young boy in rural California dreams of getting out of his small town; his mother grows “herbs,” but young “Lucas” is sure there is a higher calling for him.

The most powerful man in town is Dr. Vader, head of the Barstow Republican Party, he’s a gynecologist/proctologist who swings through key parties, and may or may not have a number of illegitimate children in town. (Young Lucas may or may not be one of them.) He’s a constant embarrassment to his own daughter, “Princess,” who can’t wait to kick Barstow to the curb and get on to Vassar or Wellesley.

In the meantime, she’s dating (screwing) “Hansel,” a “plant” smuggler and junkyard mechanic who drives the “falcon” – a beat-up Chevy van. His co-pilot, “Chewey,” is a native American – an Aztec – bearded, tall, mumbling, wearing aviator goggles, and always eating “plants.” He’s difficult to understand…

How do their fates intertwine? Find out in:

Summer of ’74! (A Comedy in Three Acts)

Now available for Kindle, PC, Mac and Tablet.


About Liam Scheff

"Author, Artist, Film, Permaculture." Liam Scheff is a writer, artist and stand-up lecturer on issues that people usually don't make comic books about. (Visit Liam's highly-praised book "Official Stories" reveals the complex details behind the myths of our times.
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