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S.C.V. Taylor is a screenwriter and television producer who’s worked on series television in the U.S. (“Big Brother”, “Animal Rescue Kids”) and the Philippines, before taking a break to do carpentry, build a bunk-bed business and be a full-time father. His upcoming young-adult novel “Fractured” will debut in early 2013. “Fractured” is a Gothic rock and roll retelling of the “Phantom of the Opera” set in a spooky Eastern European castle, with a female teen-aged lead, multiple personalities, and plenty of absinthe…

Zach Snyder’s “Superman” – New Trailer Review

 – You’re too super! by SCV Taylor I have always connected with “Superman” from my childhood and have enjoyed the various incarnations of the story from the golly-gee-whiz of the black and white serial with George Reeves, to the definitive … Continue reading

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The “Comic Booking” of America

Someinteresting thoughts on iFanboy, here’s a clip: A neutron bomb fell on the internet last week when it was announced that Lucasfilm had been sold to Disney, just like Pixar and Marvel and the Muppets and everything else I’ve ever … Continue reading

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George Lucas Could’ve Been Immortal

Image (c) Liam Scheff. by SCV Taylor When I heard that George Lucas had sold the entire “Star Wars” franchise to the Walt Disney Company, for a whopping $4,050,000,000 my head filled with conflicting thoughts. Will Disney kill the franchise? … Continue reading

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