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"Author, Artist, Film, Permaculture." Liam Scheff is a writer, artist and stand-up lecturer on issues that people usually don't make comic books about. (Visit Liam's highly-praised book "Official Stories" reveals the complex details behind the myths of our times.

Bounce (A Truer Story)

by Liam Scheff published at The Truth Barrier I’m almost human today, having reverted from whatever maudlin and darkly creative state the world usually extrudes me, into a more wide-open pose. Perhaps it was my intersection with a woman accelerating … Continue reading

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The Bridge – Part 1 and 2

Some of the others fall and they’re putting out their arms and legs, and trying to catch something, but there’s only air and rain. One of them actually dives – he pulls his head together and like… like an Olympic diver or something. He puts his hands in a prayer, and then juts them up over his head, and then he points down and they’re an ice-breaker or a hatchet and he dives right down and disappears into the water.

But it’s cold. Damned cold around Thanksgiving. So, they got maybe…10 minutes, maybe 5 before they’re gonna pass out. But maybe with all the rain it’s not gonna be so cold. I only know it’s cold because I fell in the local crick in November, but when I was 9. I almost died but Dad and Josh dove in and pulled me out. Dad had to pull Josh out too, mostly. Josh was only 12. Dad was so happy he cried. He told me not to go sledding on that hill again, and not to tell mom. But everybody was there with cameras, so it was on the news and in the paper, and mom forgave Dad and me and cried and made me promise never to go near the crick again, ever.

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by Liam Scheff 15 of 15×15 “It was always too late,” she says, fully articulate, loosened by alcohol, bordering between convivial and hostile, and back to jovial. She’s holding court, and we are no longer her peers, but her subjects. … Continue reading

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Company Man

by Liam Scheff 13 of 15×15 The company moves me around. They liked how I got team activities going in Philadelphia and Kentucky. They wanted to try it in Durbanville. It wasn’t complicated. It’s the kind of stuff they make … Continue reading

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by Liam Scheff 12 of 15×15 Sandy orders eggs, which I’ll never understand. I like her, but I just can’t understand ordering eggs at a restaurant. That sulfur smell, the rubbery weird cooked jello flesh nature of it, with just … Continue reading

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The Farm

by Liam Scheff 11 of 15×15 “And what’ll we do for water?” Jolie stands frozen in place, her eyes shocked open, tears forming on a thin sheen of burning dry heat that she feels all over her eyes, that she … Continue reading

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by Liam Scheff 10 of 15×15 We all came out after Entourage, in like…2006, 2007. We all grew up watching Swingers on cable. We’d seen the movie 1,000 times. We knew all the lines. We’d become those guys in our … Continue reading

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