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Oblivion – The Argument Review

by Liam Scheff Note: This conversation may or may not have taken place, yesterday, soon or tomorrow. This “Argument Review” is a story in the Fragments series. Jeff is stalling – still. Still waiting for me to say it for … Continue reading

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Star Trek’s Central Myth Problem

Liam goes where no man has gone before… in this shocking and slightly offensive analysis of Star Trek….

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The Hobbit, Sucking and Sub-text

The web is speaking: The snoring glory of 9 hour-action scenes of fantasy creatures groaning, hacking and dying has at last worn off… no longer enthralled by the CGI ‘magic’ of Orcs and walking trees, the nerd armies are ready … Continue reading

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Zach Snyder’s “Superman” – New Trailer Review

 – You’re too super! by SCV Taylor I have always connected with “Superman” from my childhood and have enjoyed the various incarnations of the story from the golly-gee-whiz of the black and white serial with George Reeves, to the definitive … Continue reading

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Seven Predictions About the New Star Trek Movie

by Liam Scheff North American, Asian and European “Malenerds” woke with hopeful erections yesterday, ran to their computers, and were rewarded by a 1-minute preview trailer for the ‘new’ Star Trek movie, again directed by J.J. “everybody’s dead already, nothing … Continue reading

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John Carter of Mars. No Group Sex but Great Summer – ehm, Winter Movie

by Liam Scheff An incredibly creative, much funnier-than-it-had-to-be movie that was riddled by critics (perhaps because of its terrible name): “John Carter” (of Mars). A great adventure featuring some great looking actors (and one actress, “Oh, Goddess, I offer a … Continue reading

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