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by Liam Scheff

I’m going to be writing my new book/s in fragments, shared publicly, adjusted privately, lengthened, cleaned up, polished, buffed, re-sized, added to, subtracted from, enhanced, (no, it’s not a sex-change joke), and then bundled into stories that you can read for mere quarters on your computer/Kindle/iPad.

Those will then migrate into novellas through further expansion. This is a more open process than many authors take, but it’s in line with the modern-as-Dickens open-creative process of the evolving pamphlet, or novel in chapters. Or the short story that evolves into a seed for a novel – or one chapter in a larger panoply.

The creative process is a very open one for me, in the sense that I like to share excerpts along the way, while reserving the right to change my mind along the same road. “Enjoy the view; expect changes.” I hope my friends, fans, loved ones, supporters, and potential millionaire sweetheart-deal funders (oh, please please please) enjoy it all.

I’ll be publishing brief stories all over the web, collected under the title “Fragments” for now, soon to change to reflect the book series title.

For inspiration, I’ll pay attention to the headlines, our lives, my own, the economy, ecology and oil-energy crisis as it all unfolds. I’ll take the burning question of the day (for me, for the press, for a far-away country) and let it expand into a narrative snippet, allowing us to consider a different or fuller point of view.

The work itself will be true, but it will also be fiction. It will involve a specific time period. That time period is not quite “today.” It’s offset just a fraction of a clock-face into the immediate future: where we are headed in the next turn of the page…

A place just far enough removed to make predictions – accurate, reasonable predictions. Exploratory, philosophical, plausible scenarios. A future both enticing and frightening, exciting and difficult, undeniable, unavoidable…and necessary.

Tune in. Turn on. Illuminate. Fiction is truer than fact these days.

Read Fragments, beginning with 15×15

Read my current books: Official Stories, and the play, Summer of ’74 in paperback and on Kindle.

Read All Fragments…

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