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The Bridge – Part 1 and 2

Some of the others fall and they’re putting out their arms and legs, and trying to catch something, but there’s only air and rain. One of them actually dives – he pulls his head together and like… like an Olympic diver or something. He puts his hands in a prayer, and then juts them up over his head, and then he points down and they’re an ice-breaker or a hatchet and he dives right down and disappears into the water.

But it’s cold. Damned cold around Thanksgiving. So, they got maybe…10 minutes, maybe 5 before they’re gonna pass out. But maybe with all the rain it’s not gonna be so cold. I only know it’s cold because I fell in the local crick in November, but when I was 9. I almost died but Dad and Josh dove in and pulled me out. Dad had to pull Josh out too, mostly. Josh was only 12. Dad was so happy he cried. He told me not to go sledding on that hill again, and not to tell mom. But everybody was there with cameras, so it was on the news and in the paper, and mom forgave Dad and me and cried and made me promise never to go near the crick again, ever.

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Neo-Tokyo is about to Explode

by Liam Scheff 8 of 15×15 Vivian flips through the channels. Basic cable. It was our decision to limit it. “The two way mirror,” she calls it. We’re not permitted to have nothing (which would be our choice). The building … Continue reading

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The Critics

by Liam Scheff 7 of 15×15 “So, this kind of chunky Matt-Damon looking dude in a short-sleeve button-down white shirt with like, a Bible in his hand is walking with his butt-buddy, and I realize these are Morons, or whatever.” … Continue reading

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